Krakus Polish Deli Ham

Krakus Polish Deli Ham

This imported ham is a favorite due to its leanness and flavor. This ham comes packed in either a plastic cook-in bag, or in the traditional tin.

Download a printable PDF specification sheet for this product.

Product Specifications
Code Number: N/A
Name: Krakus Polish Deli Ham
Packed: 3/11 lb. per case (bags) | 6/11 Lb. per case (tins)
Package UPC: N/A

Code Dated: Sell by on package
Shipped: Fresh, refrigerated
Container Specifications
Case UPC: None

Box Dim: L20.5 x W12.6 x H4.8 (bags) | L21.5 x W13 x H9.6 (tins)
Cube: .61 cu. ft. (bags) | 1.5 cu. ft. (tins)
Tare: 2.0 lbs. (bags) | 11.0 lbs. (tins)

Pallet Config: 10 tie x 7 high = 70 cases per pallet (bags) | 7 tie x 4 high = 28 cases per pallet (tins)

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